Under Ford, soulless subdivisions are destroying natural beauty – Toronto Star

Highway 413: Ford’s biggest boondoggle, Nov. 13

Building the 413 is just another way of covering up everything that is natural in southern Ontario.

Our whole real estate system should be changed to move away from the capitalist highest-bidder system.

We must not let subdivisions and commercial malls maintain their push north from Toronto, wiping out everything in their path, while leaving no opportunity for farms, pastures and forests.

Will we be forced to drive to Algonquin Park to find the remaining diverse ecology?

We need to be able to find smaller market farms and open forest breaks woven into the surging urban sprawl northward from Lake Ontario.

It would be a very worthwhile educational experience to have organic farm plots and fields of wildflowers interspersed among the new self-sufficient villages (formerly defined as subdivisions).

But this won’t happen unless we drastically change our uninspiring current land use.

Let’s depart from the empty subdivision creep and give the future Ontario a more balanced and welcoming human geography. Please release us from the bland monotony of cookie-cutter real estate that Doug Ford has planned.

Source: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/letters_to_the_editors/2021/11/22/under-ford-soulless-subdivisions-are-destroying-natural-beauty.html

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