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We are in the Diwali week and like every lady out there you must also be desiring to look glowing and beautiful. During festivals, we meet friends, family and spend loads of time at ethnic parties, and this time you will surely want to be the center of attraction.

In between the preparation of the Diwali parties, do not avoid pampering your skin and beauty a little. You must pamper your skin if you desire a natural glow, and thus, here are some natural tips that might help you for glowing skin.

#Tip1 Face Cleansing

During this season, our skin needs regular and proper cleansing. To cleanse your face, try using something like sandalwood or rosewater in order to have a better glow.

#Tip2 Don’t Miss Out on Scrub

Our skin needs exfoliation on regular basis. The procedure can help in the removal of dead skin cells. Try preparing a scrub with coffee and sugar or tomato and sugar.

#Tip3 Hydration of the Skin

Your skin requires a lot of water for having a healthy glow. Fuel your body with a lot of water and drink water throughout the day.

#Tip4 Homemade Face Packs

Face pack helps in the improvement of the complexion of our skin. You can prepare a face pack with besan, honey rose powder, and turmeric. Try applying it on alternate days for getting glowing and fresh skin. You can also use bananas and a honey face pack for your face.

#Tip5 Picking the Correct Makeup

When you are done taking good care of your beautiful skin, you need to pick the correct makeup. Picking the correct products for make-up will help your skin significantly. Don’t forget to apply essentials like a highlighter, mascara, and blush as these are considered a must for the festive season. And, also make sure that your makeup is water-proof as well and not run down. Before applying any kind of make-up, make sure that you rub ice cubes as this can help in keeping the makeup much longer.

Lastly, pick your favorite jewelry and clothes that will go well with the vibes of the festive season. I am sure your accessories will complement your look and add to it.

Happy Diwali Ladies! Happy Festive Season! Happy Living!!!


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