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Megan Thee Stallion has won praise for sharing unedited photos of stretch marks on Instagram.

On Thursday, rapper Savage, whose real name is Megan Pitt, posted several photos of her posing with bodysuit Paella de fashion nova.

The cropped design featured a high leg where spurs were displayed on the top and back of the artist’s thighs.

Stretch marks are common and completely harmless and appear as streaks or streaks on the skin. Common causes of stretch marks include rapid weight gain or loss and pregnancy.

as NHS (UK National Health Service), women are more prone to stretch marks than men.

In a close-up of her body, Pete placed his hands on either side of her hips to draw attention to the marks on her backside.

Her desire to flaunt stretch marks, which are often considered a “flaw” and remove them from professional photo shoots, earned her dozens of positive comments.

“It’s reality and the natural body for me,” one Instagram user wrote.

Another said, “Yes, we love reality! Stretch marks are part of every woman’s body.”

A third person described the signs as “streaks of natural beauty”.

“To be honest, I had to cry and celebrate with this picture because this is the most realistic damn picture,” a caption read.

Many celebrities have questioned negative perceptions of stretch marks in recent years.

Earlier this week, pregnant model Ashley Graham shared a video of herself showing off her stomach. Graham is expecting twins with her husband Justin Irvine.

While standing in front of the camera, various marks can be seen on her stomach.

“I love seeing celebrities with marks on their stomachs. They had them, but all I saw were soft, flawless lumps. Someone wrote that seeing this would have helped me a lot.”

“Your body is so beautiful. Another person commented, What a blessing God chose your body to carry two young souls to join you on this journey on earth.”

The model received at least one negative comment, with one Instagram user writing: “I have twins but I haven’t got stretch marks. I hope this doesn’t affect your career.”

“Gosh, I wish I could run with stretch marks,” Graham replied, adding three emojis with blank eyes.

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