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It’s no secret that basic, affordable oils have been dominating the beauty scene. We’ve since moved on from the trendy $85 nighttime oils to organic and 100%-pure formulations.

One oil having a major moment on the beauty scene lately is castor. While there are many different bottles and formulations out there, Sky Organics Castor Oil has Amazon shoppers stocking up. Not only is it a No. 1 best seller for the online retailer, but the cold-pressed oil is also responsibly sourced, cruelty-free and USDA-certified organic.

Yes, you’re really just getting pure castor oil with no hidden ingredients.

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One shopper wrote, “My skin had become clearer, more glowy, and I have witnessed a total reduction in the dark circles under my eyes. Nothing else in my beauty routine has changed.”

The same review has since come back and updated their review to say, “It’s been nearly three months of daily nighttime use … I’ve now noticed that even my beauty spots and freckles on my face have become lighter. An absolutely marvelous product!”

Another Amazon shopper with natural 4C hair wrote that this product is “AMAZING FOR HAIR GROWTH! I’ve been using castor oil on my natural hair journey for a while, so it is amazing. I’m very happy with my purchase, and I hope I helped someone like me!”

While beauty lovers right now are using it as a moisturizer and hair treatment, castor oil has been a household staple forever. It’s both a common hair and scalp moisturizer in many Black communities and has been used to induce labor since as early as ancient Egyptian times. Cool, right?

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Castor oil has been used for thousands of years, and early data suggests that its main active compound — ricinoleic acid — may be a future treatment for hair loss. But it’s important to note that the benefits are not as well-studied and that definitive conclusions have yet to be drawn. Still, experts agree that it can be an excellent addition to your beauty routine.

How to use castor oil for hair and skin

Castor oil acts as a humectant to trap water into the skin and create a barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating, explained S. Tyler Hollmig, M.D., associate professor and director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, to Self. Try layering the oil on top of your go-to moisturizer for an extra hydration boost.

Castor oil is also stocked with omega-6 fatty acids, repairing amino acids and vitamin E, which prevent breakage. Laura Scott, M.D., associate director of the Skin of Color Division at the University of Miami, explained to Self that the act of massaging the oil into your skin could increase blood flow to the hair follicles. This theoretically promotes hair growth.

Again, there’s not too much data out there to fully confirm this, as noted by Azadeh Shirazi, M.D. — @skinbydrazi on TikTok — in her viral video below:

While the hard science is still out, shoppers and dermatologists can’t help talking about the beauty benefits of castor oil. If you’re looking for an affordable and organic product to benefit your hair and skin, the Sky Organics Castor Oil is it.

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